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Star Wars Unmanned Drone Commision by AdamKop
by AdamKop

I think this is a very good piece. It is immediate that this is a vehicle of war and the red lights work perfectly with the dark black ...


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   Let me tell you a story, a story about three girls on their way to becoming heroes. Now there may be a few bumps along the road but then it wouldn’t be the sort of stuff that makes good hero story now would it? Like some stories this one starts on a dark night in a local bar. But don’t worry…. once you pull up a chair and enjoy a pint I’m sure you’ll find that this story is different than any other tale you’ve heard. Enjoy it friend.

The tavern brimmed with excitement and life. It was a celebration for one of the village’s most respected and valued members, Indica. The seasoned woman was a local legend and effectively the matron who had served the people of the village for numerous years now. She was a mentor to young girls as well and trained them in the art of weapons and magic when they were brave or lucky enough to seek her instruction. After living the life of an adventure ring the overly well-endowed sorceress she had eventually retired to help raise her daughter Jenessa and established the Horn Gal’s Tavern. Now the tavern one of the most elaborate dens to be found in the region. It wasn't on scale to those found in the capitol but for the village and the region around it served as a great place to relax after a hard day’s work or a place for heroes to talk up their latest victories.
During this particular evening the entire village had practically turned out. It was a celebration for Jenessa and her fellow adventurers Sylora and Marella who had just returned from a quest to acquire the lost amulet of Tribucet.

Jenessa the busty redhead was currently showing off the golden belt buckle to a few of the villagers. She didn’t fail to notice how many of the men hanging around were occasionally glancing up and gazing upon her pert breasts that at the moment were barely concealed in the dark brown hide top she always wore. Her legs had a hide thong barely shielding her goods while a bronze belt buckle with an emerald inlay connected to a minimalist belt that helped hold her daggers and other supplies. She didn’t mind the attention of course. Ever since she had grown a pair of tits she had become the center of attention, or at least close to the center since her mother was always the one who kept the suitors coming. She flicked some of her bright red hair to the side she smiled over at Sylora and walked away from the gawking men. The spell of the redhead broken the men smiled and to talking about the season’s crop yields.

Approaching the cute almost shy elven girl with the long blonde hair that ended in a beautiful braid Jenessa smiled and planted her butt on a stool as she looked at the warrior. “Come on Sylora.” Jenessa told the blonde with a carefree grin.

“You’re just sticking over here all by yourself. You should be enjoying celebrating, telling them all how you took down that ogre all by yourself.” Jenessa said as she recalled how coolly the warrior had dispatched the mountainous green creature and it’s ugly stench. The redhead’s nose even wrinkled at the memory as Sylora gave her a small smile.

“I appreciate your concern Jenessa but I am fine, really.” The elf said and shifted slightly with a huff of annoyance. The redhead smiled at the blonde knowing that every now and again the elf had to roll her shoulders slightly to deal with the itch from her heavy armor scrapping slightly uncomfortably against her bust. Hers were even bigger than Jenessa but Sylora always said it was a burden but Jenessa had spotted her friend checking out her own body in a mirror on more than one occasion.

‘She likes how she looks even when people know her for her tits instead of her skill with her sword.’ Jenessa thought with a grin.

“I’m not saying you have to be like Marella I just think you could loosen up a little bit. Maybe even wear something closer to my top. Less steel armor around your puppies equals more relaxation.” Jenessa said with a slightly sly smile that made the elf’s cheeks redden.

Sylora looked at her for a moment and nodded slowly as both she and Jenessa looked over at their friend. The female mage that rounded out their trio kept her hair up in a loose ponytail while her eyes were occasionally obscured by her bangs.  It made her eyes seem that much more mischievous; especially when she was chuckling coyly as she spoke to three different farmers. If asked why they were so close around her body the two girls knew that Marella would say that because of the trouble with her eyes she needed to have people closer to watch them. Both heroines knew that Marella never minded having a bunch of men close by, laughing at her jokes and resting their hands on her shoulders, or other parts of her body. Two of the farmers seemed very young and energetic as they enjoyed the raven haired mage’s flirtatious behavior as her hands rested on her knees and listened intently to their own tales instead of talking up her powerful spells.

“I could never be like her.” Sylora said almost with a sigh and then adjusted her plate armor once again with a little ‘hmmph’. Jenessa smiled at her friend and leaned in to give her a little kiss on the cheek. Now focused on her friend the redhead missed the black haired beauty dragging the three men out of the main room through a side door. The redhead watched as Sylora’s eyes tracked around the patrons before settling on Gregor, a powerfully built guardian who had come to enjoy the party once he was off duty. Jenessa smiled mischievously, a smile that was known by many in the town as a sign that the hot redhead was up to something.

“And you shouldn’t Syl. You’re unique in your own ways. I just hate to see you all alone.” Jenessa said and then stood up from the stool and grabbed a drink for her friend from one of the passing waiters. The quick action made her heavy breasts bounce in the small slip of hide and she noticed with a grin several pairs of eyes now facing towards her. She enjoyed the attention as she bent over slightly and kissed Sylora behind the ear where she knew the elf was overly sensitive and easily ticklish.

“Just be yourself and you’ll do fine. Don’t forget we’ll be leaving tomorrow so you should enjoy yourself tonight. When I come back I want that drink gone. No exceptions.” She told Sylora with a wink and then spun around before Sylora could stop her.

As the elf moved however she ended up pushing her hand right into another beer mug. This one was held by Gregor until the elf nearly collided with him causing the drink to fall from his hand and smash down to the ground and spill its contents. Sylora’s cheeks immediately reddened with embarrassment and she knelt down in front of Gregor even as her nostrils flared slightly, taking in the thick scent of his manliness. “I’m so sorry Gregor I wasn’t looking.” She said quietly as she moved a towel to clean up the mess. Gregor who was looking down got an excellent view of the girl’s impressive rack, huddled up within her silver plated armor.

“It is no problem I was moving too fast. I’ll just get another beer.” He told her as Sylora moved up quickly, still embarrassed but not wanting him to leave.

“Ooh okay I mean no look I have a beer right here. Here you go.” She spoke rapidly as her anxiety made her breathe quicker which made her breasts rub up and down in her armor with unfortunately both stimulated and irritated the blonde elf beauty.

Gregor looked at her with a smile as he accepted the drink. “It’s Sylora right. I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure.” The elf maiden grew worrisome and her cheeks reddened.

“Had the pleasure? You mean me, you um no I don’t think we’ve done that. I mean I hope we haven’t. Marella always says that when she does it with men it’s always better when she can remember how they did.” She said as she managed an uneasy smile.

“I’m afraid you misunderstood Sylora. To make someone’s pleasure is to greet them for the first time. Not to make love to them.” Gregor said with a carefree grin as he watched the elf woman look up at him. His eyes floated down for a moment, taking a quick glance at her generous bust as she continued breathing nervously.

“Oh.. That’s good. I mean that’s not good cause I would certainly not mind making your pleasure. I mean it’s very good to finally meet you Gregor.” Sylora said, her cheeks practically the shade of an apple. “I’m sorry I need to go.” She said and rushed off suddenly even as she closed her eyes to try to focus out the growing pleasure forming from her nipples as the friction built in her chest piece.

Jenessa looked on as a confused Gregor watched the blonde elf beauty race off. She shook her head with a soft smile thinking of how else she might try to get Sylora and Gregor together. But as she looked around she noticed that some of the villagers had assembled nearby her and some were asking to show her some of newest techniques.

“Alright now who wants me to show off the excellent technique I used to take down the Goblin Knights?” She asked to a chattering cheer of acknowledgement. Jenessa smiled mischievously as she was granted her own throng of adoring fans. Unlike Marella however she was interested in actually teaching the men and women of the town something useful. The men in particular of course were more fascinated with watching and waited to see if her mountainous breasts might pop out of the thin fabric that barely contained them. Jenessa wasn’t oblivious to their desires as she made a series of quick acrobatic movies that included splits and high kicks, including one that accidentally sent poor old Marcus tumbling back.

As everyone gathered to see what had made the crashing tone Marella appeared on the scene fixing her robes and wiping something from her lips as one man came behind her. As the man passed her eyes widened suddenly before her cheeks reddened as she smiled sultrily at him as she watched what was going on.

“Ooh sorry Marcus.” Jenessa said and quickly moved close to the old groundskeeper to help him up. Her breasts were full up in the old groundskeeper’s face and shoulder as she helped him up and he just chuckled at the redhead as she helped him up.

“No problem of your own young lady. These old legs used to be a lot better at keeping me nimble. But it’s still great to see you youngsters doing well. I remember when you were just a little babe with a great tuft of red hair even as a child. You’ve done your mother proud.” He said with a wrinkly smile.

“She sure has.” A voice of similar if slightly stronger tone than Jenessa said and the redhead turned to see her mother. India’s hair was a deep black compared to her daughter’s red. In recent years a single white stripe had formed in the right side of her hair.  Even though her own child was entering into her own twenties Jenessa and her insane beauty was still the object of practically every man’s desires. Her bust was even larger than Jenssa’s though her clothes were slightly more modest than her daughter’s. She wore black and dark green robes in the cut of an advanced magister. At her sleeves she had frilly white lace that was also along the length of the top of her robes. The frilly material drew obvious attention to her enormous breasts that somehow seemed in similar straights as her daughters; managed tightly to the point that they would either bust out or slip out at any moment.  Her eyes were a dark purple that glimmered with intelligence and a mind that knew the allure she carried and enjoyed it.

“Jeny has always made me so proud. And now she and her friends are shaping up to be quite for formidable team.” Indica beamed and her daughter seemed to shrink just a tad.

“Mom you always make us sound so great but we’re still nothing compared to you. By our age you had already almost become queen of Alexion, beat the curse of Toradox and squashed four goblin kings all by yourself.” Janessa said proudly recalling her old bed time tales and how eventually she had met some of people whom her mother had traveled and adventured with. Part of her had always wondered if she would ever meet her father when these groups of former adventurers and occasional lovers of her mom arrived. But so far they had not. She never asked her mother, knowing that she didn’t need her father to help turn her into the great warrior she was now, but she couldn’t help being curious.

Indica smiled and hugged Janessa, plastering her bountiful breasts against Janessa only slightly smaller bust to the point where some men watched as they saw the brown leather holding Janessa together start to stretch even more. When the mother and daughter parted Indica chuckled as her eyes tracked the saddened expression on the eyes around here. “Oh don’t give me that. You all know that I always like to celebrate my daughter’s victories by being the most gracious host I can be so I don’t want to hear it.” The well endowed sorceress said with feigned anger before she smiled and moved towards Marcus.

“Of course it all starts with you my dear.” Indica said and slid a single finger along his chin and then over his cheek as Marcus chuckled. The groundskeeper chuckled and nodded and let Indica take his hand as the two left the room much to the exasperation of the crowd. Janessa just smirked and laughed at them. Her mother was never one to leave people unsatisfied when she wanted to celebrate. Beyond the list of spells and clever inventions she had to increase the fortitude and pleasure in her play Janessa knew that her mother still had the fortitude of a woman half her age and even the youngest villagers who were fortunate enough to spend even a few moments with her were usually drained of their reserves quickly.

With her mother busy with her own entertainment Jenessa returned to Sylora whom had returned from hiding in one of the pantries. After she rescued her friend Jenessa found that there was empty bottle of Dwarven firewiskey left behind and her eyes widened at the realization.

“He spoke to me! Hic!” Sylora squeaked out as she smiled at Jenessa as the redhead plucked her up. Turning around with a chuckle Jenessa spotted the stairway that would take the two to the second floor of the pub so she could find a bed for her friend.
“I saw you. It was very good for you to offer him a drink.” The redhead said as she supported her friend and half walked, half dragged the drunk elf along.

“You’re just jealous he didn’t talk to you. Or that big titted redhead. She just always Hic! dresses like a girl of the night and all the men crawl and beg at her feet Hic! Marella I know you want to play with her and if you ever get the chance I Hic! …want you to spank her hard for me for being such a naughty girl Hic! No… don’t tell her that. Jenessa is my longest friend. Many moons she is friend. Hic!” Jenessa smiled at her elven sister and made it to the stairs and started moving her up to find an empty bed in the establishment.


           Finally alone in her room Janessa looked out across the dark sky. The night was growing long and even though the party was going on downstairs with the return of her mother and a new wave of drinking games. But she needed to rest but there was a slight feeling of unease in her body as she rested next to the window. She never wore clothes to bed and the small crack of the open window let the cool air wash over her naked breasts and hips. The redhead girl closed her eyes for a moment and gave a small smile before she heard the door behind her open and shut. She didn’t bother to look back knowing who it was. He never failed to show up when it was known that she was back in town. At first she only knew him by sight but as they grew older she could find him out of the entire village by just his scent, a dark earthy musk that even now made her body react in a way she hated but secretly craved.

           “I told you last time we don’t need your help. I won’t change my mind.” She said without bothering to turn. Soon however she could feel the barest trace of his warm breath on her neck.

           “I never was a good listener when people said things I don’t like.” The dark and yet warm voice said and she felt a gloved hand brush her shoulder. It made the tingles already growing in her body turn into a full wave throughout her body. Her mouth felt dry and as it opened and shut slowly she felt his breath appear fuller, closer but still she didn’t turn. “And I’m not asking to join you again Jenessa. You’ve made your position clear…” The voice continued as the hand left her shoulder. She heard the sound of fabric dropping to the floor behind her, a coarse leather cloak with a black and white marking on it. Her body warmed by the passing second.

           “Then why are you here?” She asked and was about to turn when suddenly the gloved hand returned suddenly out of the darkness. The fingers grabbed and pulled up her arm before another hand grabbed her hip as she was dragged away from the window sill. She barely had time to scream softly before a set of lips were pressed full and heavy against her own.

           “Mrmwmm!” She said, struggling and fighting him. Her hands formed into fists to punch and hammer at his armored chest; she didn’t care about the small cuts. She wanted to ignore the feelings he stirred in her, forget the memories that the two had shared together. But she couldn’t resist him, she never could. Suddenly she was hurled onto her bed. The sheets tangled with her body as she rolled and as she looked up at him she growled and moved to veer off the bed. But he was too quick and suddenly she was back on the bed and his shirt was off revealing a chest practically as hardened with muscle as his armor was with steel. After that all of Janessa’s will to resist faced as she took his head in her hands and pulled the man down into a hot passionate kiss…
After as the two lay together in a damp tangle of limps she nuzzled up against his frame like a young and innocent cub as he just looked out through the window. “Will you stay?” She asked him; she didn’t know what else to ask but she wanted to resist the impulse to pull him to claim her again.

           “No… I have work in the north.” He told her and then he turned to her slowly and kissed her lips gently. She melted into his arms and lips in that moment. She tried to shift her body onto his again but in the moment of her weakness he slipped out of her reach and out of the crumpled sheets. Incredibly quickly he was cleaned and dressed and his only parting words other than a silent glance were curt and unloving.

           “You should rest up if you want to leave in the morning. Travel well and strike fast against your enemies Janessa.” He told her and then closed the door behind him. Jenessa just lounged there for a long time watching the closed door as she slowly seemed to break out of some spell he had cast on her. Quickly enough the redheaded beauty glared at the door and tossed on a robe to follow him out yell at him and perhaps hurl a blade at his back. But by the time she swung open up the door into the second level all she saw was Marcus and her mother slowly helping a pair of young farmers into their rooms. They both looked at her but she wasn’t in the mood for questions and the adventurer slammed her door shut and then raced back to her bed to dream of a better evening, and not one filled with bastards like him.
First Chapter of the Buxom Trio
This is a story about a trio of heroes and the challenges and conflicts they must rise above. Meet Janessa, Sylora and Marella as they struggle to vanquish their foes in this story comradery, bravery and heroics against a massive and barbaric army.
Took me many years but the first book for my series called the Tales of an Empire is now out and available through Kindle Direct Publishing. .
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